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Green Mountain Animal Defenders

*Working to Protect the Well-Being of All Animals Since 1983

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Animal Advocacy and Community Mobilization


We reach far into Vermont communities and beyond to protect animals. Through word of mouth, petitions, the Web, email, etc. we have been able to call to action a strong contingent of animal welfare advocates to encourage business people, politicians, and others to participate in animal protection. Through our community connections we have provided support for animal rescue efforts and helped lost pets to find their way home.

Animal Cruelty Prevention

We sponsor the toll free hotline for Vermont Humane Federation's Vermont Animal Cruelty Response System: 1-877-9 HUMANE.

Assistance to Homeless Animals

We offer referrals and advice to individuals seeking to prevent pets from becoming homeless or looking to assist stray, rescued, lost, found, or abandoned companion animals.


Two Women

We educate the public through outreach, media relations campaigns, and special events. Through these efforts we have informed countless individuals of the realities of pet overpopulation; animal cruelty and neglect, and the use of animals for entertainment, testing, and food.


We offer a unique internship program that captures the energy and enthusiasm of students and trains them to be effective animal welfare advocates.

We tailor our internships to complement each student's area(s) of study.


We recognize that spaying and neutering is the most effective way of reducing domestic animal overpopulation and homelessness. For this reason, we through education, advocacy, referral, and financial assistance work to help members of the public become aware of the need for and obtain these services.

Wildlife Rescue and Transport

We provide a community conduit through which individuals can provide their talents, funds, and vehicles on behalf of wildlife. We are able to respond quickly to wildlife related inquiries and can provide advice; offer humane trapping equipment; coordinate transportation; provide referral and support to wildlife rehabilitators, and more.

You too can be part of the change for animals!

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Upcoming Events

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