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Below are listed the campaigns we're currently running. We welcome your participation in them.

Animals Used in Apparel: We expose the inherent cruelty of using fur, leather, exotic skins, feathers, etc. in fashion through demonstrations, letter-writing campaigns, and outreach events. We ask retailers to reconsider selling fur and inform our members of humane shopping choices.


Spay and Neuter: Spay and neuter programs are the most effective way to reduce pet homelessness. We educate the public and subsidize hundreds of dog and cat spays and neuters each year.

Providing All-Weather Shelter (PAWS) Project: We bring needed shelter to dogs who live outdoors. Although having a dog live outside is not a violation of any Vermont cruelty laws as long as the animal's basic needs are being met, we do not consider this appropriate care. We therefore seek to provide comfort to these dogs by providing them with doghouses to protect them from harsh weather. We are also now providing shelters for outdoor cats.

Lost Pet Project: We receive numerous inquiries from people who have lost or found a pet. In response we offer advice through our lost pet guide and alert our vast membership via e-mail and our Facebook page.

Support to Animals in Need: We provide direct animal assistance by responding to calls, giving referrals, mobilizing community members, organizing animal transport and rehabilitation, and coordinating care. In urgent animal rescue situations, we rally our members and support other animal welfare organizations through matching donations.

Baby Chick Rescue: In an effort to save the lives of sick or injured hatchlings that stores no longer have a use for, we discreetly rescue them and offer refuge. These hatchlings need transportation, medical care, and permanent homes.

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Awareness: Each year we host and participate in a variety of promotional events throughout Vermont.

Animals in Entertainment: We speak up for animals exploited and abused in rodeos, circuses, racetracks, traveling animal acts, and blood sports such as cockfighting. Each year our Fair Committee encourages fairs throughout Vermont to replace animal acts with humane alternatives. We in addition visit fairs to check for signs of neglect.

Wildlife in Need Network: The Network supports wildlife rehabilitators in Vermont by funding trainings and providing cages, medication, food and other life-saving supplies. We in addition provide information and referrals to the public on how to help injured or abandoned wildlife or find humane ways to deal with human / wildlife conflicts.

No Foie Gras: In an effort to encourage local restaurants to eliminate foie gras from their menus, we have instituted a letter-writing campaign.

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