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Below are listed a number of actions you can take to help promote animal welfare. You can receive information about actions you can take in the future by joining our E-Alert List.

Brown Cow

Meatless Monday

A vegetarian diet is a great way to help people, animals and the Earth. Start with just one day per week like Meatless Monday and you just might find out how easy it can be. Click here to have a delicious vegetarian recipe delivered to your inbox each week.

Feral Cats

GMAD is expanding the P.A.W.S. Project to build dry, insulated shelters for feral cats. These shelters will help cats survive the wet and cold and avoid hyperthermia or frostbite. You can help by making a donation to GMAD which will pay for the materials. Click here for more information on other things you can do to help feral cats today.

Fur-Free Pledge

You probably know about the inherent cruelty of wearing fur. Please sign the fur-free pledge of the Humane Society of the United States.

Foie Gras

Foie gras is grossly enlarged, diseased duck or goose liver marketed as a delicacy. Birds raised for this gourmet cruelty are force-fed enormous quantities of food through a long metal pipe three times a day. This painful process continues for about a month — until the birds' livers swell to up to approximately 12 times their normal size.

We have asked the restaurants listed below to reconsider serving this cruel dish. Please let them know how you feel! If you know of a restaurant in Vermont that is not on this list, please let us know.

Ducks Being Force-Fed

Bluebird Tavern
Burlington, VT

Leunig's Bistro
Burlington, VT

Blue Cat Cafe & Wine Bar
Burlington, VT

Windham Hill Inn
W. Townsend, VT

Bistro Henry
Manchester Center, VT

Reluctant Panther Inn
Manchester, VT

Solstice Stowe Mountain Lodge
Stowe, VT

Quechee Inn
Quechee, VT

Stowehof Inn & Resort
Stowe, VT

Pet Food Drive


In 2012, we delivered 1,920 pounds of pet food to local area food shelves and feral cat colonies. You can help families in need keep their dogs and cats happy and healthy by donating pet food!

Collection bins are located throughout Chittenden County at Healthy Living Market in South Burlington, Richmond Supermarket in Richmond, Affectionately Cats in Williston, Shaw's in Waterbury, and Agway in Williston.

If you live outside of Chittenden County, please contact your local food shelf.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are very widely read and therefore can be an effective vehicle for bringing our message to people not reached in other ways. If you are interested in writing a letter and would like topic suggestions, information you can include in your letter, or a list of Vermont newspaper contacts, please contact us.

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