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Some of our recent accomplishments are listed below. Also see our success stories.

Chick Rescue: We helped to save more than 10 hatchlings that were sick or injured and therefore no longer of use. We partnered with stores and discreetly got the chicks into the loving, capable hands of experienced volunteers!

Farm Animal Protection and Rescue: With generous support, we rescued a total of 19 goats from death and encouraged the farmer to commit to more humane practices in the future.

Spay and Neuter: In 2012, we subsidized the low-cost spaying and neutering of 566 cats and 22 dogs!

Trap Removal

Beavers at the University at Vermont: Through communication between our members and university officials, UVM removed the Conibear traps intended to eradicate a family of beavers from Centennial Woods in Burlington. (Conibear traps are barbaric and antiquated devices that cause immense suffering as animals captured may die of dehydration, starvation, or predation by other animals.)

Beavers at River Watch Condos: Through negotiations with us, River Watch Condos chose to allow GMAD volunteers to wrap trees to prevent damage from beavers instead of using lethal trapping as a way to solve their conflict with beavers.

Walk for Farmed Animals: Each October in solidarity with FARM's World Farm Animals Day,we hold our walk in Burlington to raise funds for rescue and awareness about the plight of farmed animals and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Protection for Lions and Tigers: Our Animals in Entertainment campaign put the pressure on the Champlain Valley Fair to keep the Nerger Lions and Tigers from returning. As of now, they will not be part of the fair in Essex.

Meat Out: Each year we participate in FARM's annual Meat Out. We recently hosted two outreach events at which we distributed vegan food and information to encourage people to make humane choices — one with Students for True Animal Rights and the other with the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry.


Cat Foster Care Program: Our cat foster care program has kept more than 45 cats and kittens from homelessness since the program began by providing foster homes and spay / neuter services for cats awaiting admission to a shelter or permanent home.

Lost Pet Project: We offer advice through our lost pet guide and distribute lost / found pet information widely to help pets get home safely.

Animal Welfare Phone Line: GMAD sponsors the Vermont Humane Federation's toll-free animal welfare phone number for Spay/Neuter Resources, Injured or Orphaned Wildlife Assistance and Reporting Animal Cruelty: 1-877-9-HUMANE.

Support for Abused Horses: We raised $6,147 and matched $1,500 for Willie, Lolly, and Dolly, a stallion and two mares who were rescued by Spring Hill Horse Rescue from deplorable and dire conditions in Shelburne.

Fish-Free Vermont Fairs: We monitor fairs in Vermont to keep them fish-free.

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