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Check to see if the animal has an identification tag. If so, try to contact the owner or veterinarian. If the tag has vaccination information but no phone number, call animal control and ask them to look up the identification number on the tag. This should get you the telephone number of the animal's owner.

Do a quick examination — if the animal is agreeable. See if the animal has a tattoo, which usually will be found on the abdomen, inner thigh, or ear. If you find one, check with the following to see if the pet is registered.


1. Your county or city animal control office
2. National Dog Registry: (800) NDR-DOGS
3. Tattoo-A-Pet: (800) 828-8667

Post "found pet" fliers in your neighborhood. The text should be large and dark enough for someone in a car to read while driving by. Include the type and breed of animal, whether it's a male or female, is an adult or youth, any distinguishing characteristics, and a telephone number at which someone can be reached at all times. You can also place an ad in your local newspaper. Found pet ads are often free.

Look for "lost pet" signs around your neighborhood and ads in local newspaper(s).

Be sure to post on your local Front Porch Forum and the pet section of Craig's List. If you live in Vermont, also post on Lost and Found Animals of Vermont.

Call a local veterinarian to see if (s)he or another veterinarian can do a free scan for a microchip. If one is found, it should provide the information you will need to return the animal to its his or her.

Call all local shelters and animal control facilities to see if they've received a call from the animal's owner.

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