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Green Mountain Animal Defenders opposes the use of animal skin, fur, fleece, and feathers because each year millions upon millions of animals are trapped, maimed and killed so that fur-trimmed jackets, leather shoes, snakeskin handbags, wool mittens, pillows, blankets and other articles can be made.



Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined in cramped, filthy wire cages before they are killed for their skin. More than half of the fur sold in the United States comes from China, where even dogs and cats are killed for their fur. To makes matters worse, Chinese fur is often mislabeled, so there really is no way of knowing whose skin you are wearing.


Leather is commonly made from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. Leather is normally not labeled. Therefore, just like with fur from China, you never really know from what kind of animal the apparel you are wearing came. Right here in the United States, let alone in countries like India and China, millions of cows killed for their skin first endure the horrors of factory farming. Buying leather directly reinforces factory farming and animal slaughter because skin is the most economically important byproduct of the meat industry.



Most of the world's wool comes from Australia, where sheep undergo "mulesing," a very painful wool-removal procedure in which sheep are commonly mutilated. Each year, millions of sheep discarded by the wool industry are crammed onto ships and exported to countries in the Middle East. Sheep who survive the terrifying voyage are then exploited even more by being inhumanely killed for meat.

Exotic Skins

The most common exotic skins used for clothing articles are the skins of snakes, lizards, alligators, and crocodiles. Snakes and lizards are skinned alive because of the belief that live flaying makes their skin softer. Kid goats are boiled alive to make supple gloves and the skins of unborn calves and lambs, some purposely aborted and others taken from slaughtered pregnant cows, are considered especially "luxurious."

How You Can Help

Shop cruelty-free; ask retailers to stop selling articles made from animals, and write thank you letters to retailers that are already cruelty-free.

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